Feature Request: Include variable's name when editing tile

When editing most tile types, the device name is displayed in the editor. For example, this is the editor window for a switch tile. The name appears just below “Tile Editor”:

However, when editing a variable tile, the device name is missing:

If you have more than one variable tile with the same appearance it isn’t possible to know which tile you are editing. For one example I have tiles that use up / down arrow icons but no header text.

Include the variable’s name in the tile editor window.

I hadn’t noticed it was missing on variable tiles but it would definitely be helpful especially once you’ve customized the label and can’t remember what it was!


I’ve voted for this. I would be grateful if the tile stated what type of tile it is too. I go back to it after a month and can’t remember if its a variable, a rule etc… Its my age…