Feature Request: Dynamic Dashboard links and Font Adjustment

I am just throwing out a couple of ideas to see if there’s any interest.

I would like to see more control over the fonts, especially the adjustment of size. If you build a dashboard using the format “Tiny,” the labels take up most of the tile preventing you from seeing the detail.

Another suggestion would be to have for the dashboard tile display an attribute. Example here would be to have a rule that averages the temperatures of multiple thermostats or motion detectors and have it display on the dashboard tile. Once clicked, it can go to a detailed dashboard of all the measurements.

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Likewise I would always like to have more control on font selections, size, leading, kerning color etc.

I agree that Tile Title sizes need some love.

The main content for a tile dynamically resizes with the tile size to fit… for Tile Titles, if we dynamically resized them using the same logic, the titles would end up super tiny and unreadable, so we decided not to dynamically resize them. We also wanted to have some level of consistency with the tile titles across various tiles and didn’t want some titles really small and others massive.

To your point, I think that adding a Dashboard Setting for the Tile Title size would be a good approach that strikes the balance of both of the concerns I noted. :slight_smile:

I’m open to hearing community feedback on what options should be included. We’re always trying to strike a balance between providing enough customization options and not providing too many customization options.

A key part of our design philosophy is “simple, but powerful”… meaning that we want to expose nice customization features, but don’t want to expose so many options that the application becomes overwhelming and unapproachable to average users.

Sometimes that means we end up hiding advanced features behind ‘Advanced’ toggles, like we’ve done in the Dashboard Settings… or other times that means providing reasonable defaults and not exposing knobs/levers for each and every possible thing that can be tweaked.

I’m thinking that this type of deep level of customization (letter-spacing, kerning, etc) might be better served by allowing custom CSS or some other power-user type of approach.

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We’ve been thinking about a concept of ‘variables’ that would allow the Rule Engine and Dashboards to interact with each other.

(We actually prototyped some early versions of the variable concept, but ended up shifting focus back to other highly requested community items)

The idea would be that you could set the values of variables in the Rule Engine and then use those variables in different places in the dashboard or in other rules. In your example, you might use a rule to average multiple sensors and store that value in a variable… then display that variable as the label in your dashboard tile.

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I like the font suggestions - along with an alternate font color to go along with light backgrounds.