Feature Request: Dashboard Tile Active Count Badges

Great product and I know you are frantically trying to keep up with all the suggestions, but I thought I’d throw out an idea: Dashboard Counters. I.e. if there are 5 devices that are on/triggered on the dashboard then the dashboard tile would optionally have a 5 badge (like email icon when you have 5 unread emails). Make sense? Thoughts?

Like I said, I know you’re really busy, but … add it to the wish/dreams list?


@Tommy had asked for a similar feature where a dashboard tile could show different amount of color in the icon based on how many child devices are active. The badge idea could be even more flexible as it would scale with dashboards that have a large number of devices and would work well if you’ve selected different icons for your dashboard tiles.

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Good idea.
I will say, I am a big fan of the glow thing you have for lights and such. Something leveraging the glow would be neat!!


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Stealing a suggestion from STUG.

Maybe your Rules Engine could create a tile?? I don’t care about the color comment but thought it could be useful for RE to have the ability to create tile vs creating a Virtual switch etc.
Just a thought.

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This is where we think connecting in with the Rule Engine will be really powerful. More to come on this as it’s high on our priority list. :sunglasses: