Feature Request - Absolute Tile Positioning

Feature Request - Absolute Tile Positioning

This feature would allow the user to place a tile anywhere on a dashboard, even if it overlaps other tiles. The upper-left corner of the tile’s X and Y coordinates would be specified in pixels by the user, with the upper-left corner of the dashboard being X=0, Y=0.

Just a few of the possible uses of the feature:

In this example, using rules, the user can change the descriptor above the Heat Pump tile to clarify its status.
Implementation: Descriptors would be virtual switch tiles having a fully transparent style state in the OFF positition, and the desired customization in the ON position. Thus turning a switch ON (with the other switches OFF) would allow its contents to be visible above the Heat Pump tile.

This example is similar, but displays fan speed.

A Mute button is placed on top of album art to provide an easy way to kill sound.

I don’t have enough votes. But yes to this 1,000 times

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Tell your friends to “vote early and vote often”!

I don’t have votes left either, but could go for this; alternative may be to lock tile position once placed on dash during edit mode or group tiles so they stay in relation to each other.

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