FanControl supportedFanSpeeds

Update the FanControl tile to honour and support the supportedFanSpeeds attribute for drivers that do (like mine)… to change the enum that is presented to the user for selection or cycling through.

So nobody else has a fan with different speeds other than what is typically defined?

Last I checked, none of the official / built-in Hubitat drivers were using this attribute yet and SmartThings still doesn’t support it so the voter base is probably limited to people with custom drivers that use this attribute (which is also probably pretty small considering the attribute is fairly new and not widely used).

The primary requests we’ve seen around Fan Speeds has been for the Lutron Caseta Fan and the Bond fan integrations… so I would bet that if those got official support for supportedFanSpeeds, this topic would see more interest!

I think it’s a case of chicken or the egg… if the dashboard support for the setting doesn’t exist, why add driver support for it? eg I looked at the Bond drivers and they just work around it by translating to/from the fixed list of supported speeds. Obviously it would be better to send a list of supported speeds, but if it isn’t used anywhere, then why bother??

As the dashboard tile feature exists in your thermostat tile, is adding support for the fan tile that much work??

Yes / No ??

Hoping to get a view as to what’s the size of the barrier to doing this work

The thermostat modes / fan modes attribute is more widely used and supported. It’s a balance of the effort as well as the level of interest from the community.

If some of the more commonly used devices (with different speeds) like Lutron Caseta or Bond got support for this attribute, I think we’d see more interest.

For me, this ranks as interesting but it would not immediately gain me anything. All of my fans pass through a Bond bridge on their way to Hubitat and SharpTools. This is a chain of imperfection that can’t be fixed on the SharpTools side.

I have both 3-speed and 9-speed fans. The 9-speed is already dumbed-down to 6 speeds in the Bond app. By the time they process through the Bond integration in Hubitat, they all show up as 5-speed (low, med-low, med, med-hi, high).

Curiously, what fan control are you using? We plan to move next year, so I may be starting all over.

True, but it will never be if the dashboards don’t implement supportedFanSpeeds. Then it would be worthwhile implementing this in the Bond IO drivers (and I’d be happy to make the change so that it does)… but alas, without the dashboard fixing its list of 6 speeds and not supporting anything else, then Bond has to reflect that too.


I don’t disagree with your motivation or your chicken-and-egg metaphor. My intention was just to add a bit of context as to why this specific user with odd fan speeds is not jumping on board.