Fan Tile that Works Like the Dimmer Tile

Could you make a fan control tile that works like the dimmer tile. Pressing the tile would toggle turning the fan on or off. Pressing in the lower right corner would bring up the speed picker.

I do not change my fan speeds too often, I would like a way to quickly turn the fan on or off.

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What speed would you expect the fan to go to when turned on?

When I turn it on I would like it to go to the last speed that was used. I am using a GE Smart Fan Switch on Hubitat and it has a variable lastSpeed which I hope could be used. I am not sure if other switches and other hubs keep track of the last setting, but that is what I would like to see if possible.

The last speed was my gut feeling of what the ideal option would be, but there’s nothing that tracks it as part of the standard capabilities in Hubitat or SmartThings.

For dashboards that are up all the time, like wall-mounted dashboards, we could track the last speed (in the browser) and use that. But for something like a phone where you occasionally open, we would have to have some sort of fallback. Maybe check for the lastSpeed attribute if it’s available otherwise just fallback to a standard default speed.

Edit: If I remember correctly, the official Hubitat Fan Control capability definition declares the supported speeds as ["low","medium-low","medium","medium-high","high","on","off","auto"]. The reality is that most fan drivers don’t implement all the ‘normal’ speeds and I would hazard a guess that even more don’t support special speeds like 'on', 'off', or 'auto'.

Thanks for the info. I thought that this would have been a easier task since a dimmer tile had the capabilities I was looking for.