Fan tile spin animation not working

I’m finding that if I select anything other than the default action of cycle speeds the spin animation does not work. Is this normal?

@Scunny, does the device show the correct state in the Hubitat’s device or SmartThings IDE page when you change the speed from dashboard? and what is the fan model and device handler if you are using a community developed one?

As James alluded to, the fan speed value that is reported by the device determines which animation is applied.

Can you share a screenshot of the raw value that is reported for the fanSpeed (SmartThings) or speed (Hubitat) attribute?

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I think the problem is outside of SharpTools. I have 6 GE fan controllers and all six are using the GE Smart Fan Control driver. As it turns out only 1 of the six is acting this way. Oddly enough the fan does turn on from SharpTools as well as from the device page in HE but it is not updating that the fan is on at the device page.

I’ll dig deeper but it’s obviously not your issue.