Failed to send device command


Need some help with a rule (RshEWqOog8YBTbxA99zn)
Was working fine for months for changing light bulb color and level at certain time
Stop working for a couple of days. My device seem to have been migrate to edge driver and were showing LAN thing. Switch them back to a Z-wave bulb to be sure the capabilities are there

Still not working
All step failed with an error : Failed to send device command.

Something that I miss ?

Have you double checked if the devices retained the same device ID?

SmartThings was supposed to maintain the same device ID when automatically switching devices over to their Edge Driver equivalent, but some people have experienced cases where their old devices were replaced by new devices.

If they have new device IDs, they are effectively seen as new devices. In that case, you would need to reauthorize SmartThings to SharpTools to make sure it syncs over the newest devices, then edit each of your rules to point them to the new device instances.

After some research, I think it’s related to the driver
I can’t find a driver for smart bulb that work correctly to be able to manage bulb color/temperature and so on
So I think that the device doesn’t have the right capacilities so the rules is failing because of that
If someone was able to find an edge driver for smart bulb (like govee) and so one, let me know :slight_smile:

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Reminder for myself
Govee has an dev api
Since my device is a lan thing, I will try to change my rules to a http request to see if it work
(write that so other people could think of it)

Ah, yes, that makes sense. My apologies as I missed the nuance in your original post where you mentioned that the device was migrated to a “LAN Thing” which wouldn’t have had the relevant features. I just assumed that it was a Z-wave Bulb since that’s the driver you switched to, but it sounds like it’s a Govee Wi-Fi bulb, is that right?

From a quick look in the SmartThings Community, I found an old Groovy DTH, but I didn’t find a replacement Edge Driver.

Unfortunately, it sounds like the previous Govee Groovy DTH made cloud API calls which isn’t possible with new Edge Drivers. Reading through the posts over in the SmartThings community, a few people mentioned that Govee previously made statements saying they would build a SmartThings integration, but have backtracked on that a few times. I haven’t seen any statements from them on updating older bulbs with Matter compatibility, otherwise that would be an option.

That being said, we support connections from Homey, Hubitat, and Home Assistant which all have some level of Govee support, so if you also have one of those hubs (or buy one), you could use that as to integrate your existing devices.