Expanding Sub Menus

Hi. I am designing my dashboard navigational easy. Is there a way to make expanding menu items. I have been a SmartThings user for many years so I have close to 200 devices. I have so many devices now that I think I might want a dashboard for each room in my house to include the outdoors. I am envisioning 4 or 5 menu picks and in each of those, picks for each room on that floor. Thx.

I’m not sure about an expanded menu, but since you can add “things” to open other dashboards, you might be able to use a small dashboard which would be the equivalent of the expanded menu, which would display the picks for each room on that floor. The forward and back buttons in the Dashboards menu make navigation through the dashboards easy.

Could you create a hyperlink tile and link to a small dashboard that would have the dashboards of the different rooms.

Yes, that is what I was trying to describe. Although I would not use a hyperlink tile I would use a dashboard tile. You’ll see it as a menu pick when you go to add an item to the dashboard.

Also, you can shorten the URL of the target dashboard to make the dashboards load more quickly. That is documented somewhere here but I cannot point to it at the moment.