Exclamation marks

I use several Zooz dimmers and If I switch the dimmers from off to on, I get an exclamation mark after about 3 seconds. If I do a screen refresh, the light shows off-state but it’s on (exclamation has gone though). As soon as I click on the tile, the state changes and the exclamation mark is back again.

Hi @Ron_Biegelaar, welcome to the community. The exclamation mark means the device’s state is different than expected. Ex: when turning the switch on, it expects the device to report the the state on shortly, and the exclamation mark is displayed after a short period if the state is still off.

Can you please verify if the dimmer switch’s state is updated accordingly in the SmartThings mobile app if it’s connected via the SmartThings hub, and the SmartThings IDE or your Hubitat hub’s admin page when you turning the switch on/off? This would help identify if the state sync issue occurred between the device and the hub, or between the hub and SharpTools.

Hi James, the current state in Hubitat stays on off, even when the light is on.

Hi James, I think I found it. By default, Hubitat classifies Zooz as a generic Z wave device but there is a specific Z-Wave driver. I tried one of them and it seems to be good now.


Not all zooz (or any z-wave) dimmers are equal. It may be that the generic dimmer for Gen 1 Z-Wave devices does not ping the device for state after a state change, 500 series and 700 series dimmers implement z-wave plus. This is a protocol that allows the devices to auto-report state change after a state change is committed. If they are z-wave plus dimmers, you may just need to switch to the generic driver that is most appropriate as you did. But it could also mean you need to enable the z-wave poller to ping the gen 1 devices on a scheduled interval.