Exceeded max authorized entity limit (500)

I’m guessing this limit comes from HA, but I thought I’d ask here to see if it’s something enforced from Sharptools end.

How many entities are you looking to authorize?

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All told, I have 208 actual devices (including 30 virtual switches), but things like the motion sensors, contact, vibration, humidity, leak, UV, light, cams, soil monitors, and smoke/CO detectors have several monitored states and therefore create a ton of entities. I tried to do it just with the base device, but Sharptools only pulled 16 of them in and stopped. Sense alone throws up 21 entities dedicated just to energy usage and production values, then puts up it’s individual items. Here’s all that was sent to Sharptools:

If this authorization didn’t hit the 500 entity limit, went to a progress indicator, and only synced some of the entities it sounds like didn’t work as expected. Were there any errors indicated in the Add-On logs?

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I neglected to enable it the first time. It’s running right now after I cleaned things up, we’ll see how many it pulls in from HA.

There are no errors listed in the log. I see a number of “rendering index” entries within 25 seconds.

@josh - Here’s a current copy of the SharpTools log on HA. I zeroed everything out earlier, reinstalled the addon, went through the authorization and selected devices. It’s been sitting at Authorize Entities for 40 minutes now.


Thanks for sharing the logs. Normally I would expect a reply pretty immediately after seeing the “Send APP_UPDATE message”. Seems like something got stuck somewhere.

Edit: sent you a PM.

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