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Good evening everyone from emanuele from italy, soo supe happy to use sharptools.io dashboards, i also shared them!
I am writing because I am worried about the news I read about the loss of some services that are integrated into smartthings.
my home automation system is made up of sonoff sensors, integrated in smarthing and interfaced with sharptools, obviously I also use alexa.
in these days ewelink has had some problems with the server and after some updates I have to make the link again with smarthings, during this phase sharptools was offline, then luckily everything started working again.

my question is: on october 1st with some smartthings services offline, will sharptools still work alone or will i have to carry out operations?
i’m really worried because i don’t want to miss any sharptolls features, thanks for your attention

No, you should not need to worry about missing SharpTools features. :slight_smile:

  • On September 30th, SmartThings will begin transitioning devices from Groovy DTHs to Edge drivers (this will likely happen over weeks/months)
  • On October 15th, SmartThings will begin shutting down Groovy IDE features (this should not impact SharpTools directly as even the legacy authorization flow didn’t use the IDE)
  • On December 31st, SmartThings plans to shutdown Groovy

All that being said, we’ve already released our next-generation connection for SmartThings which doesn’t use Groovy at all. New SharpTools users are already using it. The migration tools to move from a legacy connection to next-generation connection are in beta and we plan to release them to everyone soon.

So as long as your Ewelink connection continues to work (which it should since it sounds like you are using the cloud-to-cloud integration), then I wouldn’t expect you to notice any changes.

Since you have a legacy SmartThings connection on your SharpTools account, you will need to run through the SharpTools migration tool when it’s available. I expect that you will find it simple and straightforward though. :smiley:

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thank you very much josh, I always stay informed in the community and thanks to your help, always timely, I feel safe!
as soon as I have a moment of time I want to have fun with the super tiles that at the moment are just a dream … I must tell you that sharptolls is fantastic and I am very happy to use it and to be part of this community, thanks

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I’d recomment getting the Aeotec Smartthings hub and get Zigbee variants of your devices. I changed over completely, still a lot of Sonoff devices, but you can cut out the Ewelink app (which in my experience was responsible for the most errors).

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Ok thanks forbupur information…

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Hi, I have a Amazon voucher burning a hole in my pocket, so I am thinking of buying a Aeotec SmartThings Hub, I also have a lot of sonoff devices (ZigBee and WiFi) would the WiFi device also work on the hub, also when sonoff devices are connected to the hub, can Alexa see the device’s

Last question, is it possible to add Broadlink to a SmartThings hub also, thanks

Today completely crash of my sistem…eweling non comunicated with smarthongs…disaster…!!!
And i do not wy!!!

The wifi devices don’t connect to the hub. They will remain the same.
Yes, you have Alexa linked to Smartthings, it will see the devices in the same way.

No experience with Broadlink, sorry.

@EMAX_A_40 That’s kinda what I meant :sweat_smile: Never had much trust in Ewelink, I must admit though, they reply pretty well on their Facebook chats and were very helpfull when I experienced some trouble. I do prefer the least possible app jumps.

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Hi, could you possible tell me which edge drivers you used for your sonoff devices , Thanks

At the moment none, they run on stock DTH’s, so I’m just having faith in Samsung when they say stock DTH’s will get moved over to edge drivers. I’m expecting to wake up one day and notice they’re on Edge drivers.

The only Edge driver for a real device I’m using at the moment, is for the Sonoff push button.

Thanks, you wouldn’t have a link for the sonoff push button, I’ve tried one and it does not show in the hub when doing a scan.

These are my channels and subscriptions:

Roaddog has the Zigbee switches, Taustin has all kinds of cool virtual drivers. If you use a server or want to get into some more advanced stuff. He also made a bridge to run on a server, which can help do a lot of stuff, like sniff the network for presence or use surveillance camera’s triggers to link with Smartthings.

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Great, that’s very helpful, thanks again

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