eWeLink - IFTTT Integration

Good evening,

I am running hubitat and using sharptools for dashboards. I have a pool heater that I can control remotely from my phone or browser using the ewelink app or going direct to their website. Through sharptools, I can set up a tile to open a modal that will send me to the eWelink website to see the status of the temp and turn the heater on. Was wondering if there was a way for me to show the pool temp on a tile without having to go to the ewelink website. Looks like eWeLink is integrate with IFTTT, but unsure if that helps me at all.


If the device has an IFTTT integration, you might be able to send data from IFTTT to SharpTools. In IFTTT, you would use the “Make a Web Request” action to send the data to a rule in SharpTools that has an HTTP Trigger.

You can find more details on using HTTP Triggers in SharpTools Rules in the following help article: