Event type state stays

I have a rule for turning on my lights in the morning and evening. I base the rule on the variable of my alarm status. When the alarm arms, we either go out, or to bed, so the lights go off. When we wake up or the alarm disarms, lights come on.

The little issue I have, sometimes my presence status drops and poof, dark. I would like it to wait a little while before turning off the lights. So I got around this by making a nested if statement:
If context.event.value is armed
then delay 60 seconds
If variable value is armed, turn off lights.

I like to build rules, with as many features as possible crammed into one.
Now it would be very helpful, if I could set state stays, in the context.event part.

That way I can add state stays 1 minute, into the trigger and directly use it in a flow.
Now I already use a state change to trigger other things, based on the value of the variable. So I can’t use it again for the state stays, or it will trigger twice, I can’t filter the state stays out of the triggers.