Event Timing between Devices/Platforms?

My Configuration consists of SharpTools Panels on Fully Kiosk Browser on Fire Devices running SmartThings; and there is a Konnected Alarm Panel also connected in to SmartThings utilizing the STHM feature.
I have automations set in SharpTools to automatically arm the alarm at night and disarm in the morning. Obviously these control the status in the STHM.
Now what I have noticed is that (all the Fires sleep after 5 mins of inactivity) in the morning, when it should be already dis-armed, if passing any of the Fires and it ‘wakes’ it initially displays it as being ‘armed’ and updates after a few seconds to the disarmed status.
So that got me thinking about the ‘real’ status of what is happening, between cloud activity,local network and ‘sleeping’ devices. Obviously when the devices are awake, everything is as expected - but how does it actually play out?
i.e. If the tablets are still asleep and don’t get awakened, will everything still follow the designated disarm that is time-based? Is everything happening via the respective clouds and the delay I’m seeing on waking the Fires is just the delay in downloading the updated status panel from the 'net? Or what is the mix of local activity vs cloud activity?
I guess I could put it to test! :slight_smile:

Both SmartThings Automation and SharpTools rules would execute as desired no matter the tablets are awake or not. Since the tablet was asleep, the dashboard simply doesn’t get the pushed state updates. So it may take a second for the tablet to connect to the network and the dashboard to sync automatically when it is awakened

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