Error: Tasker compatible automation app required

Several times a day, I get an error message from the SharpTools android app saying “Tasker compatible automation app required”. I am unable to open my logs from the app for some reason, so I don’t know what the cause is. I use Tasker and MacroDroid–is this a potential issue?

MacroDroid could be.

The SharpTools Tasker plugins are built using the Tasker API, so if MacroDroid doesn’t fully comply with the Tallest API and tries to do things with the SharpTools Tasker plugins, then it’s certainly possible.

I did some more digging on the issue, and it seems to be isolated to automations involving my MyQ garage door integration with SmartThings. Any known compatibility issues with that? Thank you

Also, the status of the door is updated and accurate 100 percent of the time, if that helps


The “Tasker compatible automation app” message is only displayed when the automation app that calls the SharpTools Tasker Plugins doesn’t support ‘ordered broadcasts’. It’s basically what I was saying above about the SharpTools Tasker Plugins being built using the Tasker APIs… so if you’re using a third-party automation app like MacroDroid, it might not support all the features the Tasker API is expecting.

In many cases, there’s not a significant functional impact to your automation’s flow but the message is still displayed as the Tasker API is expecting certain things.

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