Error Sending Command

Love using this, but every 2 or 3 days the buttons stop working and says “Error Sending Command”. Done this since the beggining. Ive searched the problem before, and ended up setting up hubitat on its own dedicated IP. What else could be wrong? I have internet coming in to a cable modem. Then ethernet from cable modem to a new netgear wifi router. My hubitat is connected to the router.

Does the cable modem set an ip number for the router and sometimes that changes and screws everything up?

Welcome to the community and sorry to hear that things intermittently aren’t working as expected.

Setting the Hub IP to a fixed local IP address is a best practice, so that’s a good start. How do you ‘fix’ things when the issue starts? Does it resolve on its own or you have to manually reboot the hub or something else?

I have to reboot the hub to fix. Works fine for about 2 days. Then gets the error

Weird. Definitely sounds like a deeper rooted problem.

Are you using any other cloud connected services like Google Assistant, Alexa, or IFTTT? If so, I would suspect that those would fail at the same time.

I have Alexa speaks, and when this happens, I also get errors with Alexa on the hubitat log

errorEchoApp (v3.6.4.4) | cookieRefreshResp Exception: java.lang.Exception: No response data exists for async request

errorError sending event to Unauthorized

Sounds like the hub might be hanging or somehow not able to connect network for some reason until a reboot was made. Did this just happen recently? Are you aware of any recent device/smartapp added to the hub?

Just to give you guys or anyone else an answer, I found out it was a VPN program that was installed on my pc. Apparently it changed some settings.