Error Executing Rule

Hello. I have a rule that monitors humidity and temperature in my attic and turns on the attic fan under certain conditions. I am getting an error related to retrieving humidity value from my Smartthings Z-Wave sensor. Screenshots of the error are attached. Thanks for your help.

Do you have other rules that query SmartThings for data and are they working as expected?

The first thing I would try is to reauthorize your SmartThings connection (SharpTools User Page > Manage Connections). SmartThings has been rolling out a number of changes related to the final transition from Groovy → Drivers and I’ve noticed an increased number of people indicating that they needed to reauthorize their SmartThings connection recently.

Hi Josh. Thanks for the suggestion. Looks like that fixed the problem! Thanks again!

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Thanks for the update and I’m glad that helped!

We’ve also pushed an update which should improve the error messaging to indicate that the state retrieval failed because it was unauthorized if we receive that type of response from SmartThings.


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