Enhancement request: Multiple alert levels and an "active alerts" tile on the dashboard

please add a way to create multiple alert levels and a virtual tile that displays active alerts. For example, a “Notification” is less important than an “Alert”. A notification does not require an acknowledgement, but an Alert does. A notification is a single message, where an alert may be “active” for a period of time before it is ‘cleared’. There should also be a “critical” that continues to send messages at given intervals until it is acknowledged and the cause of the alert clears.

For example: If my front door is opened while in “DISARM” mode, i might want a notification, a single SMS or email simply saying “Hey the door was opened”. If my freezer goes out of temp range, I might want an alert, say the temp tile turns red and I get an SMS, and when the condition clears, the tile turns green and I can opt for a ‘cleared’ message. But if I have a water / flood sensor in a sump hole, I want a “critical” alert with repeated messages every 5 minutes until the condition clears or I “ack” 'the alert either by responding to the SMS or by tapping the above mentioned tile on the dashboard.