Enhancement request: control status text alignment

It would be nice to be able to control the alignment of the tile’s status text that appears at the right bottom of the tile for different indicators - on/off, locked/unlocked, % dimmed, etc.

Currently this text is always aligned to the right.


Thanks for the feedback. You mentioned the right-alignment… were you thinking about the ability to center or left align it?

Currently there are some tiles which have actions on the bottom left side of the tile including thermostats, media tiles, weather, valves, etc. so some thought would need to be put into how to enable the customization while still keeping standards across tile types.

In general, the label is top-centered, main content is large and centered in the body, status is in the bottom-right, and extra actions are in the bottom-left.



Hi @josh, did not think of the use-cases you mentioned, and indeed the convention you selected makes sense.

I guess that my ask refers to the cases in which there is only “single footer text type”.


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