[Enhancement] Make 3-dots visible against light backgrounds

My first post [HEY, GUYS!] and certainly didn’t intend to barrel in here spouting off feature requests, lol, but here goes:

Could the 3-dots symbol on Tiles be modified – perhaps with a slender dark outline or drop-shadow – so that they become visible against light/white backgrounds? Sample screenshot here while editing dash in Chrome (on WinPC):

As I mentioned to @Josh, I only “knew” the menu was there because I happened to watch some SharpTools DIY videos on YouTube earlier. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting!

Yes, I suspect this is a bit of a hold over from earlier designs where the ... couldn’t have the shadow applied directly to the dots, so instead the background color of the theme style applied to the tile was applied to the little bounding box. The white contrasts most tiles default background color even without themes/styles applied, but certain tiles, like Media Tiles or Custom Tiles, might run into this problem if they don’t have an explicit style applied since their content effectively becomes the background.

All that being said, we should be able to apply the shadow/contrast to the ... menu directly now, so I’ll take a look at it. :slight_smile:


We just pushed an update to production which adds a shadow to the ... directly.



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