Enable dynamic tilesets that can be used across dashboards

I have a row that I want to include at the bottom of all my dashboards that includes icons for each dashboard and the forward and back navigation arrows. Maintaining this across all dashboards is already becoming cumbersome and I would love a way to be able to share it across dashboards in a way that editing it would affect how it displays on all dashboards dynamically.

It seems like a common use case for this is to have a navigation menu across dashboards. I don’t have the idea fully fleshed out in my head, but some sort of concept where you could add a ‘navigation’ to your dashboard where you could choose to have the menu on the top, left, bottom, etc… some basic options around styling the menu and options for choosing which items show in the menu. Then you could edit that menu one place and have it flow through to your dashboards.


This would be a great idea to combine with the ability to choose the type of transition/display animation of the dashboard, which I posted earlier.

Global navigation functionality should be an area of focus, IMO.

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