Embed dash without credentials

I’m trying to embed a dashboard within Xibo, which uses a really dumbed down version of IE to render.
When I input the direct link to my board, it asks me to login however I get errors once I try.

Is it possible to have a dash be totally public so I don’t have to log in?
The dash is read only anyway.


What did you use to login? Google acount or email? Can you attach the error message? Thanks.

Using Email.

Hmm, unfortunately, I think you may run into more issues running it on Xibo even if the dashboard doesn’t require login. It’s just not a common well supported browser. I am curious what else you are showing in Xibo, and the reason why you’d like to put them together?

That is a huge bummer!
I have all sorts of goodies, live news feeds, webcams, weather maps (web pages), and a system monitoring heads up display.

I’ll take a look and see if I can reproduce. I think the point James was trying to make is that our primary support is for modern web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, etc. so those browsers are going to be your best bet.

We’ll try to support other browsers where reasonable, but some just don’t have support for the APIs we are using and trying to support them adds complexity which takes away from building cool new features. :smiley:

I absolutely understand; don’t like it but get it. :slight_smile:

I spent some time working on improving support for additional browsers - specifically those which may be missing some of the modern browser features we’re using. I’ve been testing IE11 with my dev build and all the core features seem to be working as expected.

Assuming I don’t find any glaring issues I would expect this to be included in the upcoming release. I don’t have a Xibo to test with, but you mentioned that it uses variant of IE and from my searches, it looks like it’s IE11 so hopefully that will get things going for you. :smiley:


Awesome! I’d be happy to test things out if you’d like.

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We just pushed the changes live. Give it a try and let me know how things work. :slight_smile:

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WORKS!!! And it is beautiful.
Thank you!

How do I embed it to automatically go full screen mode so the top and the dots in the bottom are not there?


You can add “?kiosk=true” URL parameter into the dashboard URL you embedded in. This will renders the page in the “kiosk” mode (full screen and no “…” button).

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This is AWESOME!!!
Thank you so much.
And now, you can add Xibo to your supported list. :slight_smile:

Ps… is there a way to change the Label (only) font size smaller?

Not at the moment, but we’re looking at options around either more manual adjustments or dynamic sizing adjustments for other tile features. (The main content of a tile is already dynamically adjusted in size) Thanks for sharing the feedback though as it helps us prioritize!