Embed an app into dashboard

I know with custom tiles you can embed a 3rd party website in your dashboard;

Is there any way so that you can imbed an app that is installed on your device to also open embeded as a tile on your dashboard?

I’m going to guess this is a definite no, but didn’t want to make that assumption.

Like a traditional Android App or iOS app directly inside a tile? No. You can hyperlink to apps, but neither Android nor iOS has a concept of embedding parts of apps within other apps (nor within web pages).

What are you trying to embed?

Future thinking…pool control app. It has yet to be installed, but pretty sure it isn’t smart things comparable…rather on wifi and uses their brand’s specific app.

Yes, I can link to the app and have the app open up. Was just hoping there was a magical way to to get the app to embed into the dashboard.

I’m very much in brain storming mode right now. I’ll know a lot more in the next month when they get everything installed.

Is this on iOS?

You could find out if the app has a “shortcut launcher” and use a tile to launch the app in Model Window.
In this way the app overlays the dashboard, but you can click the top left corner to close it and return to the dashboard.

I did something similar with Home Theaters Direct App which controls my house audio.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can find the URL by using this technique:

I assume there is a similar technique for Android.

As an alternative, you could use iOS shortcuts - which have their own URL Scheme.


This will “takeover” and won’t exit back to dashboard…

I was hoping there was a way to have the app open inside the dashboard, but what you are saying it going to have to be my method.

Yes iOS.