Editor Enhancements, Pool Icons, and More

We’re excited to announce the next SharpTools.io release with a number of enhancements and bug fixes:

Editor Enhancements and Fixes

This release focused on improving a number of editor related features for mobile devices. In specific, we made a number of improvements around editing on iOS and mobile devices.

  • The Tile Editor is layered on top of the floating action buttons making it easier to save tile edits on mobile devices
  • If the Tile Editor is still open when you attempt to save the dashboard, you are prompted to close the editor
  • The ‘Done’ button in the Add Item modal is now visible even with weird iOS scrolling
  • The Tile Editor modal is shown at your scroll location on iOS devices
  • Icon Picker should scroll more consistently on desktop devices now

Added custom pool icons

Special thanks to @Ricky_Turner for designing these!

Capability based layouts available in additional tiles

This release extends support of the new capability based layouts we recently released to additional devices like Thermostats, Music Players, Color Control, Weather, etc.

For example, you can use the Battery layout if your thermostat has the battery capability and can change your Color Control bulbs to use other layouts like the Dimmable Switch or On/Off Switch layout.

Previously, only the ‘default’ thing tile had the capability injection (eg. switches, locks, contacts, etc)

Other bug fixes and enhancements

  • Devices with the deprecated ‘Garage Door Control’ capability are toggleable
  • Custom style from dashboards is cleared properly when navigating to certain app pages
  • Added support for medium-high fan speed for Hubitat Fan Control devices
    • Available with Picker and Set Speed actions. (Not included in the cycles)
  • Hero attribute is clickable / toggleable again
  • Legacy Color Control tile converted to a standard thing tile is clickable again
  • Improved consistency of ‘Are you sure?’ confirmation when closing premium upgrade on touch devices.