EcoBee Unresponsive to commands

I am wondering if anyone else is encountering an issue with Ecobee commands from Sharptools. About a week ago, I noticed that sharptools commands are no longer influencing my Ecobee thermostat. I am not sure if the issue is Sharptools or Smartthings where a lot of my connections are.

Thanks so much for any help or advice on this issue.


I actually figured the issue out. Since my Sharptools connection relies on Smartthings, I just noticed smartthings lost its connectivity to ecobee. I reset the connection through the Add Devices tool.

It appears to be working now. Yeah!!!

I will leave this here in case anyone else has trouble with the smartthings/sharptools/ecobee daisy chain connection.

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My ecobee has been offline for a couple of days now. Power cycle didn’t help. Wrote Hubitat support for suggestions, but no response yet.