Ecobee thermostats

Hi all. I’m looking at getting an ecobee smart thermostat, this one:

I’m using smartthings and I’m wondering if anyone knows if I would be able to set up a rule that looks to see if it is in heat mode and if the current temperature is above a certain level, to send me an alert. I just don’t know what is exposed to sharptools and was hoping someone out there knows before I just buy it. Thanks!

what i see is this in rule (and hero tile) attributes-

personnally, I’ve had it a few years on ST and it’s worked pretty well. I have rules in ST at the moment, but occasionally, Ecobee features like it’s own schedule may counteract rules (I haven’t spent time to see if I can perminantly fix), but you could probably place rules with timing and such to counteract. I use the double height tile view for direct changes on dashboards (wall mount, phone, etc). I added the color background style of blue or red based on whether currently A/C is running in heat or cool mode. Since the color changes when running, I presume the thermostatoperatingstate attribute may allow you to do your rule. It isn’t a drop down of states but a variable requested, so not sure how to use.


Side note- since Ecobees aren’t cheap and times are precarious for future proofing; plus EcoB are supposedly pushing paywall serviced devices like doorbells now. But I also have a GoControl Zwave thermo that workded for years in ST/Sharptools but recently have had issues with it in ST so I moved to Hubitat. Still having issues with Sharptools side of that thermostat tile although drivers seem to work in HE.

Thanks! That first screenshot was exactly what I needed. Don’t like hearing about paywall though…

understood on paywalls. That is common with video/cams and I just heard about it with their doorbell they are premoting.