Ecobee Thermostat - Raise/Lower By Degree Action


I’m working on a Super Tile for my Ecobee Thermostat and am wondering if there is an action that I can assign to raise/lower the set point by one degree. I know that the stock Thermostat Tile allows this, but don’t see an equivalent action.


@Jim_Grotto you can creat rules to lower/raise the setpoint and configure the item’s tap action in the super tile to execute the rule. See the rule example below.

P.s the rules don’t need any trigger as they will be triggered manually by tapping.

If it’s in a Super Tile and the command doesn’t require any parameters, then it should show up directly under the Thing action. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info. Oddly, when I go into Rule Engine and try to set up an action, I don’t have that command. Here’s what I get…


I get a subset of these commands when I look at the available actions in Super Tile.

Here’s what I’m trying to get working…

I would like to be able to adjust the temp with +/- (ideally using an IF condition in a Rule that checks the mode Heat/Cool and adjust the appropriate set point) and change the icon based on mode (Heat/Cool).


What integration are you using with your Ecobee?
I have mine connected via Ecobee connect and the Ecobee Suite Smartapp (which will be depricated in the near future). Only the smartapp shows raise/lowerSetPoint commands on mine.

I am using the official SmartThings’s Ecobee cloud-to-cloud integration.

That is wierd that I dont have those capabilities with the official integration.

Just double checked my ecobee linked services in the SmartThings mobile app.