Ecobee Thermostat Group Control

Ecobee has a feature that is disabled for an undetermined amount of time where you are supposed to be able to control all thermostats in the same group, so if you change one from heat to cool, all thermostats in the group change to cool. But since the feature is not functional currently or for the last several months, I took a shot at setting this up in SharpTools, but can’t seem to get it to work.

Trigger: Ecobee Upstairs - thermostatMode changes to ‘cool’

Action: Ecobee Downstairs to execute command setThermostatMode with arguments: [“cool”]

Any help would be appreciated.

That seems straightforward enough. Did you change the upstairs thermostat mode to cool from a different mode? What did your rule logs say?

Logs never recorded anything while I was swapping modes on my thermostat and the other thermostat never responded.

If you’re not seeing any rule logs, then it doesn’t sound like the thermostatMode = cool event is being received for some reason.

Are you sure the thermostatMode attribute is changing as expected for your source Thermostat? For example, you could add it to your dashboard and change the tile layout to use the Hero Attribute Layout so you could see the raw thermostatMode value.

Can you share the Rule ID? Feel free to send it to if you prefer.

So I set up a test dashboard with a tile for each thermostat to see the thermostatMode attribute.

When I would change modes in my ecobee app, the tile never changed. If I changed the tile to a thermostat tile and tapped adjust and changed from Heat to Cool, it relfected the change in my ecobee app.

So then, I changed nothing in my rule and used the tiles to change from heat to cool and the rule behaved as expected.

So somehow, the mode from ecobee isn’t translating to Sharptools but the mode from Sharptools is translating to Ecobee.

Rule ID is FCWLLGe28NavF21cTimy

Further, I duplicated that rule 3 more times for heat to cool and cool to heat on each thermostart and confirmed the logic works as expected if changing mode through Sharptools.

and confirmed mode never changes in Sharptools to reflect mode changes in the Ecobee app.

That sounds like an issue with how the device is integrated into your smart home hub. It sounds like the device is only reporting events when controlled through the smart home hub, but is not receiving those events when controlled from outside the smart home hub (eg. Ecobee app). If you control the thermostat mode with the SmartThings mobile app, does the mode change on the Ecobee and your rule triggers?

This is with SmartThings, right? You might consider posting over in the SmartThings community. And is it using a built-in integration or are you using a custom driver?

I’ll leave the thread open here too in case any other SharpTools + SmartThings + Ecobee users have experienced this and have any tips to share.

Yeah, that’s what it looks like.

SmartThings mode changes trigger the rules but ecobee app mode changes don’t show in SmartThings either. I’ll follow up on the SmartThings forum. Thanks!

I’m wondering if this is because of the delay that exists with Ecobee reporting. Have you tried to wait after the trigger five or 6 minutes?

By way of example: When my Ecobee temperature (the actual device on the wall) changes, the temperature will change on the Ecobee site immediately (because it is connected to Ecobee via internet) It will take upwards of 5 or 6 minutes to change on SmartThings or SharpTools. I was told by Ecobee support some time ago that they only report changes at about that rate. They are not being polled. So if I want something to happen at say 74 degrees, it might actually be 75 before the trigger happens. I take that into account when building rules.

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Ha! That’s exactly it!!! Thanks for saving me some hair pulling!!!

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