Ecobee Temperature Way Off

I have two ecobees I control with my dashboard, however the large temperature reading never changes. Also, the tile only updates the color if I manually push the up or down arrows. I have looked around in the dashboard and tile settings, but can’t seem to fix this. As you can see by the picture, it knows what temperature it is currently in the corner. Any ideas?

@Aaron_Tuomala, welcome to the community. The temperature reading shown in the center of the single-height thermostat is the ‘Thermostat Setpoint’ reported by SmartThings. Some thermostat devices in SmartThings do weird things like average the Heating Setpoint and Cooling Setpoint together which doesn’t make any sense to me either. :man_shrugging:

Since Ecobee supports both cooling setpoint and heating setpoint, I’d suggest you to use the Double Height Thermostat layout by tapping the “…” at top-right corner of the tile when editing the dashboard. So you can see the correct cooling and heating setpoint value correctly.

For thermostat tile color, you can customize the tile settings to enable heat/cool color so it will show red or blue when the AC is heating or cooling respectively. It resumes to the default color when the AC is idle. See below for my ecobee tile’s color in cooling/idle state. I set my thermostat mode to “auto”, and it changes to cooling or idle automatically based on my setCoolingPoint value. So the reason why it only changes color when you manually tap up/down, because that basically tells the thermostat to cool or idle.


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I will try that out. Not sure if it matters, but I am on Hubitat.

I really appreciate it!


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I don’t know whether this is pertinent to what you’re experiencing, so feel free to disregard it!

Ecobee does average multiple sensors if they are set to “participate” in the same time period. For example, in my Home period, I have both the thermostat and a sensor in the family room set to “participate”. So the temperature displayed is the average of the two sensors, which may be different from the actual temperature at the thermostat.

Also, ecobee (mine is version 3) only reports its status every few minutes. For example, if I have changed the set point using the up/down arrows on the dashboard (or via Alexa) and later issue a Resume Schedule command, the thermostat will display the new set point right away, but the dashboard will not show it for several minutes.

I modified the data polling in Hubitat from 1 minute to 5 minutes and that seems to have helped. Also, I set my ecobees to Auto instead of Heat/Cool. Those two changes combined with the double-height thermostat setting seem to have done the trick.


This started happening to me earlier today. Interestingly Smartthings and Brilliant interfaces both showing correct temperature where on the Sharptools it’s way off. I restarted devices and that didn’t help either. It’s interesting as it was working fine for about a year since I set it up. Did anyone got to the bottom of this issue?

After deauthorizing and re-authorizing ecobee at the Smartthings I’m not able to see any of my thermostats under the “Witch thermostats?”.

@G-P, can you verify if the expected location was selected? Wondering if you have selected a different location in SmartThings which doesn’t have these Ecobee thermostat devices?

Yes I only manage one location on Smartthings. They show up under “Which
temperature sensors?” But that selection doesn’t let me control temperature but only view it.

I did some further troubleshooting and noticed that SharpTools authorization to devices on desktop vs when done through the SmartThings app is inconsistent as you do not see “Which Refreshable Devices?” when doing it through the desktop. That makes certain Refreshable Devices broken thru made these thermostats unavailable. When I authorized them through the SmartThings mobile app then everything started showing up correctly.

Thanks for the update and that’s correct. It’s a limitation of the current SmartThings API that’s used – the ‘extra’ authorizations are only available from the SmartThings mobile app.

So if you want to use the ‘extra’ authorizations, you have to manage your device selections from the SmartThings mobile app moving forward.

Reference: How To Authorize Unrecognized Things - #29 by josh

It sounds like the Ecobee integration dropped the ‘Thermostat’ capability and the ‘Temperature’ capability. From what you described, it sounds like what was showing under ‘Which Temperature Sensors’ might have been your Ecobee Smart Sensors rather than the thermostat itself. So it sounds like you might have to go through the ‘extra’ authorizations now.

Edit: James indicated that the Thermostat itself shows up under ‘Which temperature sensors’ but defaults to a Temperature Tile when added to your dashboard, so you have to manually change to the Thermostat layout (see 2 posts below).

@James do you still have your Ecobee connected to SmartThings and can you please confirm?

@josh Yes, I have confirmed that the Thermostat capability is missing from the new Ecobee integration, but the Temperature Measurement capability remains, along with other thermostat related capabilities. :thinking:

Users need to authorize through the Refreshable devices options in the SmartThings mobile app as @G-P discovered.

Interesting. So when it’s added to the dashboard, it’s defaulting the the Temperature Tile, but you can manually change it to the Thermostat layout?

  1. Open dashboard in edit mode
  2. Add the ‘Thermostat’ to the dashboard (it defaults to the Temperature layout)
  3. Tap the ... in the top-right corner of the tile and select Change Layout
  4. Select the Single Height or Double Height thermostat layout

That is correct.

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