Ecobee set away() and home ()?

My brain is fried today, I feel like this should be easy.

I’m trying to create an action that sets the Ecobee to Away or Home. From the looks of it this is via the SetSchedule command, and yet applying this (and using the argument away) doesn’t seem to do anything.

Hey @Arvin_Bautista - thanks for the message.

Which device handler are you using? If it’s a community DTH, can you provide a link to the relevant community post?

It was the default Ecobee thermostat handler. I did not install a community DTH. I’m looking at the ST API right now and I guess maybe this DTH doesn’t allow for schedules or home/away modes?

I don’t recall the official Thermostat capabilities having support for setting away and home status, but I have seen some of the community DTHs use setSchedule() for that purpose.

Based on the title of this post, I assumed that the thermostat was reporting that it had some sort of custom away() and home() commands - or were you just using that as an example/pseudocode?

If the official DTH doesn’t support the desired command set, you might check out one of the community device handlers.

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Yeah, I’m realizing that now. I’ll look into that. Thanks!

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