Ecobee Away Mode Not Working

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I recently switched over to try to get ecobee away and resume commands working again since the Groovy device type was retired. I have deleted the defunct custom device type and smart app I was using, deleted my ecobee devices, and then re-added them. I can see the SharpTools rule I created getting triggered and sending an away command to my ecobee device, but the physical device on the wall is not reflecting the command. Here are the rule logs:

Over on the ST device page, it looks like maybe the new built-in driver does not support away or resume anymore? supportedThermostatModes is set to ["off","cool","auxheatonly","auto"]


not SharpTools, but I was able to get Ecobee away.]/resume setup using Alexa routines. The ST integration doesn’t expose Away/Resume for them to be triggered by routines, so assuming they can’t be used in SharpTools,

How did you do it with Alexa? The only action I see when I select my thermostat in the Routines section of the iPhone app is “Set Temperature.” Maybe because it’s an ecobee3?

I think more becomes open if you add the ecobee plus skill. Then you have to use the custom response and type out the command for resume or away mode.

Thanks! With ecobee plus, I can change the comfort setting and resume schedule. Unfortunately, it only works when I have the Alexa iOS app in the foreground. Looks like others may be having the same problem. Hopefully, it’s just a bug and will be fixed soon, but I wonder if I need a physical Alexa device for it work when the Alexa app is backgrounded.

I checked google home/assistant and it appears they removed support for comfort strings a while back. I don’t understand why ecobee is stripping their integrations of this functionality!

I have. handful of Alexa devices and never touch my phone Alex app other than to program routines. A cheap Echo Dot on Woot or refurb on Amazon when it pops up again might solve the issue.

I managed to get this working sufficiently for my use case. I have an Alexa routine I trigger via a voice command that does a bunch of getting-ready-for-bed things, including moving Smartthings to Night mode. So I added a custom command for “Alexa tell ecobee mode sleep” to the end of that routine, and that puts the thermostat into sleep mode. BTW it also insists on saying “OK good night” from the echo you spoke to but that’s not so bad.

Other temperature changes such as when Smartthings goes to Home or Away I just do with Scenes that get triggered when the mode changes. These only change the temperatures directly and sets a Hold, but apparently Hold settings like this use the “Home” comfort settings for things like participating sensors, so this is all fine.

Thanks @Philip_Peeples. I obtained an Echo Dot and now the routine works. So apparently the problem was my iPhone being the only Alexa-enabled device and because it couldn’t respond in the app while in the background, it just didn’t execute the command…

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