Echo Speaks devices from Hubitat can't synchronize

Anyone else having this issue?

I recently de-authorized my Hubitat hub from SharpTools and started from scratch. I’m able to authorize all my devices (switches, sensors, etc.) however when I try to authorize an Echo Speaks device, the " Congrats! You have successfully paired your account!" page gets hung up and the device synchronization in progress bar just keeps going.

I know Echo Speaks had a recent update:

My C7 Hubitat hub is running latest version

I’ve rebooted the hub several times but no luck.

There was a bug introduced in the latest Echo Speaks driver that causes issues with authorization. You can work around it by deselecting the Echo Speaks device during authorization or removing the comma and everything after it around Line 134 of the driver where the noOp command is defined.

The bug with the driver update is it defines a parameter description, but not the rest of the parameter, so its treated as an invalid null parameter type. We plan on pushing a hot fix to work around it as well.

Edit: We’ve pushed a platform update for SharpTools to workaround this, so the manual driver edit shouldn’t be needed for SharpTools anymore.


Got it. Removed Line 134 and works now. Thanks

We just pushed a SharpTools platform update that should work around this as well. :slight_smile:

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