EAS Alerts for RSS Feeds

If you would like to add a RSS feed for Emergency Alert System (EAS) Alerts (minus the annoying FSK tones) on your SharpTools use the link below to find your county. Copy the link with the RSS symbol and ATOM text and it will give you the link.


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Neat! Thanks for the tip!

I’m guessing ‘EAS’ is the Emergency Alert System like the notifications we get on our phone for severe weather alerts (or maybe even AMBER alerts)?

You are correct. EAS == Emergency Alert System. I work in an industry where EAS is an acronym we use all the time. I’ll be sure to spell things like that out next time. Yes these are the alerts we sometimes get on our phones, but more often you may have seen them on your television.


@BMedfly, thanks for sharing. Very helpful info!

Could you give an example? I haven’t been able to do this yet. Thanks!

You will see the page listed below. Pick your state and county.


Once you have selected you State and County you will see this:

Do a left click on the ATOM and copy the link to your clipboard.

  • Go to your Sharptools page

  • Click on the Account page and select Manage Resources

  • Click on News Feeds and Create a New News Feed

  • Past the copied link to the RSS Feed URL

  • Give the RSS Feed Name a name that make sense to you. I named mine Alerts

  • Add this to your Dashboards as you would any other device