Dynamic Timers for switches

My name is Amir and I use sharptools for a year.
I use the AC every day or turn on the boiler and I find myself whenever need to set the timers dynamically.
In sharptools it is not possible to set dynamic timers with rule engine for switches and I think this can help a lot of people with water heating systems.
If it is possible to set timers dynamically in minutes it would be great!

Adding more details and use case per the discussion from the FB group that Amir has a switch to turn boiler on/off, and would like to be able to set a dynamic timer (delay) from the dashboard so every time when he turns on the boiler, it will be turned off after x number of minutes.

The discussion is to allow using a variable in the Delay action in Rule Engine, add this variable tile to the dashboard, and create a rule to be triggered by this variable that will turn the switch on, delay for a dynamic period based on the input variable value, turn the switch off and reset the variable value. Here is the “conceptual” rule example:

@Amir_Dekel please feel free to comment if I have missed anything & thanks for submitting the feature request.


Dear james,

that’s exactly what i want to do!


If you can make it as dimmer style. (sliding potentiometer) , it will be even better. Just set lower limit and upper limit and allow the user to slide and set whatever value he needs.

I’m also interested in using a variable delay. Has this feature been implemented?


@josh you’re so good I thought maybe you’d have an opinion. I couldn’t find anything on dynamic timers, but I was able to find a workaround using a virtual dimmer switch, your math function workaround, and recursive http triggers. The result is a switch that counts down its level to zero then shuts off. I am pleased with the result, but here’s two things that would be nice. 1. Delay can be set to a variable. 2.when making a comparison trigger, why can’t I compare to a device attribute value. It can only be a number or variable, so I have had to make another workaround that tracks certain device attribute as variables whenever they change. Does this make sense? Thanks for any assistance.

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That’s what this feature request is for, so feel free to scroll up and cast a vote.

Yes, those are the currently available comparison types. Feel free to create a feature request. :slight_smile:

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Being able to call a variable to set the delay would be great. I use the Delay option fairly often and sometimes want to change them which has me editing ~6 different rules. I casted my vote!

The Dynamic Delay feature is now available in beta:


If you are part of the beta group, you should be able to access the link above.

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I was searching for another similar topic and just realized that I forgot to close out this feature request when the feature was released to production in January '23:

:tada: Dynamic Delay - Rule Engine

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