Dynamic Tile Updating

Hi Guys.

So i use the Hue lights system. I have motion sensors in some rooms or sometimes someone will turn the lights on in a room via the Hue app or via Alexa voice.

The tile does not refresh to match the state of the lights. Is there away to query this and the tile to be dynamic to the state of the lights?

Are the Hue lights connected into SmartThings? If so, are you using the with Hub or without Hub approach?

Unfortunately, the no hub / cloud-to-cloud integration between Hue and SmartThings is limited in this respect. With the cloud-to-cloud integration, SmartThings expects you to control everything through SmartThings for them to be able to track the status. Otherwise they run a periodic sync to get refreshed status, but it only happens every couple hours (6 hours last I checked).

SmartThings previously had a ‘Labs’ integration for Hue that ran on the hub and used local communication with the Hue bridge. That version would maintain state even if the devices were controlled outside of SmartThings. From a quick Google search, it looks like Philips Hue talks about a with Smartthings Hub version of the integration and I’m wondering if that version maintains the state properly?

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HI Josh.

I am using Hue hub with ST hub and have all my bulbs showing in ST and the Hue App. Can control via Alexa and all good. So are you saying there is no way for the SharpTools dashboard to get an update to date status? If i have two devices side by side. One with Hue and one with ST. When ever i turn a device on or off in either app i see both apps update at the same time. Its just the SharpTools dashboard does not seem to know the status if they were changed outside of Sharp Tools.



If SmartThings is getting the real-time updates, then it should be able to send those over to SharpTools. Have you just recently added these devices to a SharpTools dashboard?

If so, the first thing I would try is to refresh your browser while the dashboard is open. When the SharpTools.io web app first loads, it runs a series of healthchecks that can clean up event subscription issues. Then try controlling your Hue devices from the Hue app while the SmartThings app is open on another device and make sure it’s getting instant status updates. Then switch over to the SharpTools dashboard and see if it’s getting the status updates or not.

So done some testing.

If i turn the light on or off in ST then i see it turn on off in Hue and SharpTools.

If i turn the light on or off in SharpTools then i see it turn on off in ST and Hue.

If i turn the light on or off via Alexa then i see it turn on off in ST and Sharp Tools

If i turn the light on or off in Hue then i dont see it change in ST or SharpTools.


The Alexa might control Hue lights through SmartThings integration and therefore, SmartThings and SharpTools both updated as expected.

So the state wasn’t updated to SmartThings in this case, and therefore not updated in SharpTools. I would suggest to verify the Hue and SmartThings connection (with Hub) and maybe reach out to SmartThings support why the hue lights aren’t sync in near real-time in your case.