Dynamic Tile(s) for alerts

Hello, There is a similar, but more complicated suggestion from 2020, I would like to simplify the idea.

The problem: Maximizing space on your main dashboard
Suggestion: Create a dynamic tile or tile group that can display the most recent event(s) for that group.

For example, create a tile, and associate Motion Sensor ABC, Garage Door 1, Garage Door 2, etc. with it. The if using a 1x1, the 1 most recent tile that was triggered in that group would display with it’s current status. If using a 1x2, then you would be able to display the 2 most recent events.

By doing this, I expect many people can de-clutter their main dashboard and have a separate dashboard with alerts.

I hope this helps the community and product grow stronger!


Hi All,

I was able to build something (not perfect) using rules and variables. I thought I would share with everyone. I am debating playing with an HTML tile and iterating on this, but this is functional.

I was able to free up 6 tiles used to display motion alerts to 2 (I could have done 1 if I wanted).

The logic is the two most recent motion “Alerts” would display until I clear them. I am thinking about a timer to auto-clear but for now I am leaving it as a tap.

Please let me know if you used this and/or find this helpful. I am happy to continue with writeups if it is helping the community and would appreciate feedback.


What I did:

  1. Create 3 Variables (Alert, Alert2, and tmpPassAlert) all as strings
  2. Create 1 rule to clear each alert, logic is simple screenshot below
  3. Create 1 rule for each trigger event – using two alert tiles in my logic
    *** Important part of this rule for me was to use the tmpPassAlert variable to avoid having too much “rework” when I copied rules. They way I have this setup I only need to to change 2 components of the rule (1) the trigger and (2) an action I used to set the variable to the display name I wanted on the tile for the alert ***
  4. Create two Variable Tiles
  5. Set the tap action of the tile to hyperlink and $.runRule(“YourRuleID”)
  6. Customize the Icon and Style – using two rules – checking to see if the variable is set to “Clear” or not, and defining the style I like based on that.

Example Alert Tiles

Example Dashboard with alerts cleared (bottom row)

Example Clear Alert Rule

Example Rule Logic for two tiles

Example tile hyperlink config

Example icon and style configuration


thanks for sharing! I have been just creating mini floorplans with sensors laid out on it, in a corner of relevant dashes. I may be using this idea for some dashboards and just have the floor plan version in the security dash.

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You might also be interested in Super Tiles which were recently released to beta and enable you to build tiles with custom layouts with data from multiple devices / variables / icons in a single tile.

If you’re interested in joining the beta, feel free to send a PM to @support requesting access.