Dynamic Thermostat Modes with Custom Driver

Doesn’t seem to be working - or at least the modes sent via both supportedThermostatModes and supportedThermostatFanModes seem to be ignored.

I know the device has the following attributes set…

  • supportedThermostatFanModes : [low, medium, high, auto, off]
  • supportedThermostatModes : [open, close, auto, override, constant]

I’m also not seeing the temperature attribute being updated… how can you confirm that SharpTools is seeing event changes from the devices out of Hubitat??

Okay… sorry… it is working now after re-adding the Thermostat device in SharpTools App… not sure what made it spring into life, but it finally honoured the supported attributes including reporting the temp changes… so perhaps it was disconnected or something


I can see that both supportedThermostatModes and supportedThermostatFanModes don’t have subscriptions, so when do they get read / collected?

Since you mentioned in your original post that you’ve written custom drivers…

When modifications are made to the device definition (including things like capabilities, attributes, etc), we recommend reauthorizing the devices so the system will resync the devices and pull in the latest metadata.

We generally recommend doing this starting from your SharpTools.io User Page and tapping Manage Connections as it will also make sure the API key your hub needs to talk to SharpTools is refreshed.

These attributes are generally static values so they are only updated during the device synchronization noted immediately above.

The first step I usually take is just to manually toggle something and watch if the value changes in the Hubitat admin UI and in SharpTools.

If it’s changing in Hubitat but not in SharpTools, you can enable logging in the SharpTools ‘app’ on your Hubitat hub admin UI and then watch the Live Logs in your Hub to watch for the events getting posted over to SharpTools.

As you suspected, a key part of that is the event subscriptions getting setup which happens automatically. When the SharpTools.io web app is first loaded, it runs a series of healtchecks to make sure they expected event subscriptions are setup, so sometimes the easiest thing to do is refresh your browser (eg. F5 / image) and then wait a few moments for the healthcheck to complete in the background before testing again.

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