Duplicate Devices

I am using Hubitat and every one of my things is now duplicated in my account. The duplicate does not work. If I remove an allowed thing in Hubitat it removes both the thing and it’s duplicate from SharpTools. When I add the thing back, it is added twice in SharpTools (only one works). If I look under the Account/Authorized Locations, each thing is only listed once.

I must add that I did have another Hubitat hub that was failing. All things were removed from that SharpTools integration and it was removed from the old hub.

Hi Aaron - thanks for posting and sorry to hear that things aren’t working as expected. If you want to shoot a note to support@sharptools.io, we can take a closer look.

Am I understanding correctly that you had another hub attached at one point? Was a backup restored from that hub to a new hub?

Hi Josh, I emailed support. For the benefit of readers. A backup of the original hub was restored to the new hub. Thanks

Josh deleted the old Hub ID and it’s things and everything is good now.

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