Dumb question time, how to exit Kiosk mode?

Without closing Fully, is there a way to exit out Kiosk mode? I just want to access the Sharptools menu to log out :slight_smile:

You can remove ?kiosk=true from URL to disable the “kiosk mode”. You can configure Fully to enable “Show Address Bar” under Toolbars and Appearance section in settings.

Thanks, I was hoping there was an easier way. I might have to configure one tile to load the non-kiosk view while figuring things out still.

Just a heads up that once you are in kiosk mode, you’ll stay in kiosk mode as you navigate around to different dashboards.

If you hyperlink to the main dashboard listing (https://sharptools.io/dashboard), that page will automatically take you out of kiosk mode. Alternatively, there’s an undocumented exitKiosk=true URL parameter that you can add to take you out of kiosk mode.