Dragon Touch K10 tablet

Just wondering if anyone has experience using this tablet for a wall display? Looking for a 10” android tablet alternative to Samsung and Fire. I have an 8” fire HD which works ok but I’m a big Sonos user and prefer to open the Sonos app with a hyperlink button for full control. Unfortunately the 7th gen Fire tab wont run FireOS 7 which is required for the new Sonos S2 app.

FireHD10 on sale for $99 at BestBuy and Amazon

I’d probably pick the 9th gen Fire 10" too if the price is the same, and it’s much easier to find the mount for Fire 10" tablet.

If you end up choosing the Fire HD10, my company, Makes By Mike, sells mounts for that tablet!

However if you decide to experiment with another tablet, we have a Tablet Mount Design Service that might be a good option for you!

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