Domoticz integration

Hi SharpTools team,

SharpTools looks great and could be a strong replacement for my ImperiHome tablets now that app seems to be on the way out… if only it worked with domoticz! How about adding a domoticz integration?

Pretty easy to do over MQTT or HTTP/JSON. If you went the MQTT route, you could probably have one core piece of code with connectors for each of HASS and Domoticz - probably the two biggest open-source smart home controllers around. Or publish a generic MQTT API and we’ll use NodeRed or Python to hook it up… plenty of keen people around those two platforms!

Thanks for the feedback and the technical overview, Jeff! We’ll keep an eye on the thread to see how the level of interest progresses.

PS. If I remember correctly, you should be able to vote on your own feature suggestion. :smiley:

I’ll also vote for MQTT integration. I’m working on setting up MQTT on my Hubitat, but I wonder about the role that you could play in achieving inter-hub integration. With your support for ST and Hubitat, you provide a layer of abstraction for these two hubs. It’d be great to see additional integrations added. I plan to hook up my PushOver next. Then I’m going to take a run at Mosquitto.