Does this allow Alexa App Integration?

Sorry for the newb question. I would like to get a dashboard up and running but I am worried I will need to do a lot of work arounds to get it going based on the smart devices I have. Can SharpTools pull in smart devices tied to the Amazon Alexa app? I have only a couple things that work straight through Smarthings but everything seems to work in the Alexa app. Can this dashboard integrate with the Alexa app to bring in all those devices? Below is everything I have.

Schlage Door lock - Smarthings and Alexa
Xiaomi Roborock Vacuum - Alexa
Wink Relay qty.2 (4 switches total) - Alexa
Bond Bridge (6 fans and lights)- Alexa
Wyze Cameras qty.2 - Alexa
Ecobee and qty.5 sensors - Smarthings and Alexa
-I see motion sensors only in SharpTools, no Temperature readings
Ecoplugs qty.2 (4 outlet plugs total) - Alexa
MyQ Garage Door - Only MyQ App


Unfortunately, Amazon is a closed ecosystem and does not provide an API for controlling connected devices… which means SharpTools cannot directly access devices connected to Alexa. Amazon loves being able to connect devices into Alexa, but doesn’t like sharing that with anyone else. :frowning: :confused:

That being said, there are community integrations or approaches using virtual devices to connect most of your devices into SmartThings.

For the community integrations, you’d need to search the SmartThings community for your devices and see if there’s a relevant community developer integration. For example, MyQ can be controlled using MyQ Lite by brbeaird.

For the virtual device approach, the general approach is to:

  1. Create virtual device in SmartThings
    • Automations → SmartApps → More → Virtual Device Creator (Classic App)
  2. Authorize the virtual device in Alexa
  3. Create an Alexa routine to monitor the Virtual Device and control your physical device

Have you tried the Hero Attribute layout? It lets you display any reported attribute from a device. :smiley:

Okay I got that figured out now. How do I keep my tiles in place on the dashboard? They keep trying to bunch together at the top instead of staying where i placed them.

Thanks for getting back on this. I was hoping I wouldn’t need to do the custom handler option for smarthings since everything is in Alexa. Has anyone tried to create an API into the Alexa app? It seems they have done this on other products before (MyQ before they shut it down).

You can use Blank Spacer Tiles to keep space between tiles. Tiles flow left-to-right, top-to-bottom. If there are any blank spaces (that aren’t using Spacer tiles) when the dashboard is saved, those spaces will collapse.


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