Documentation? Tutorials?

Trying to figure out why I even want SharpTools. Lots of people seem to like it. So far I created a dashboard using web from laptop. (At least I thought I did.) Nothing that I do on web seems to show up on phone. Phone app (Android) seems like it wants a completely different login. Clearly I’m not groking anything. Please show me where to start, but please for the love of God do NOT point me at the silly intro music video.

Well, progress. Now at least I see dashboards on phone after learning a bit more about how website works. And I found a post that says the app has nothing to do with the website, which is, to say the least, very odd.

I guess with that I’m off and running but still pretty new to my Hubitat, not exactly sure what kind of improved functionality you provide.

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Welcome to the community and thanks for posting!

The SharpTools Android App (Tasker plugins and widgets) has a bit of a legacy, so I can definitely understand the confusion there! As you noted, the dashboards and Rule Engine can be accessed from any modern web browser.

Beyond just using a normal web browser like Chrome or Safari, a common approach for phones is to use the Add to Homescreen approach:

Many people with dedicated Android tablets (including Fire Tablets) really like an app called Fully Kiosk Browser. SimplySmart123 has a great video on setting up Fully Kiosk Browser:

In fact, SimplySmart123 has a number of great videos about SharpTools. Here’s another video which talks about SharpTools at a high level:

You’ve already found the community which is a great source of information and a great place to ask questions!

In addition to the community, take a look at our Help site which has a variety of articles and documentation:

Help Site: Documentation and Articles