Do you need to delete legacy connection in ST

Is it necessary to delete this connection in ST? I do have the “5 spoke” Smartthings logo by on my account page. I have authorized everything and all devices are there…so I assume I no longer need the connection listed under automations tab in ST. Also I noticed that I have two presence sensors (I set up a virtual switch as one in ST). I believe the other is an OLD sensor, as I do not see it listed anywhere in Smartthings, but it shows up in Sharptools. Wondering if this is from the old connection (which is what led me to this question).

I deleted mine in a cleanup effort with no impact.

Yes, you can delete it if you want at this point. As you surmised, that’s the old Groovy SmartApp that isn’t used anymore. The new connection shows up under the main app settings under Linked Services.

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