Displayed Dashboard Changes after Screensaver

I have 3 fire 8 tablets running Sharptools. Each tablet has its own starting dashboard. I am finding that when the tablet comes out of screensaver mode, its not always my default dashboard for that floor. Why does it keep changing and how do I fix it? Thx

What browser are you using? If it’s Fully Kiosk, I would double check that the “Start URL” is set to the exact dashboard URL.

If anyone in the house navigates to another dashboard and leaves it there, then the tablet will wake to whatever dashboard it was last navigated to. There are some Fully Kiosk settings you can use to automatically reset back to your Start URL dashboard though:

Hi Josh. Thank you for answering my question. I am running version 1.49 and I have a Plus license. Where do I find these settings?

Under the ‘Web Auto Reload’ section of Fully Kiosk. For future reference, there’s a search bar at the top of the Fully Kiosk Settings where you can search for various settings and it will take you straight to the setting.

Thank you Josh. I found it and made the changes.