Dashboard Automatically Reset to Main Screen

I have set up a dashboard with a few separate links to other dashboards. They map to lighting on different floors in my house. I am running Fully Kiosk on a Fire HD 8. Something I’ve noticed is that if someone uses one of the dashboard links to navigate to a sub-dashboard the back button physically has to be pressed for it to return to the main screen. Is there anyway to set a timeout, that for instance, will default to the main dashboard screen after the screen times out in fully?

Hi @Bill_Foltz - welcome to the community and thanks for posting.

I believe you can accomplish what you are looking for with a couple of settings in Fully Kiosk Browser.

  • Auto Reload on Idle = 60 seconds
  • Skip Auto Reload If Showing the Start URL = True

Note that you’ll need Fully Kiosk Browser 1.39.1 or newer for this to work as there was a bug in older versions where it wouldn’t recognize the URL changing. You can find more details in the following post:

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Thanks Josh, I tried searching the forums some but with the way that previous question was worded I don’t think I’d have ever found it.

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Gee thanks.

The feature didn’t work on the browser at all, and my badly worded question prompted, with Josh’s help, the developer to fix it.


It wasn’t poorly worded, I just had no idea what to search for. I’m glad everything worked out and after a short time testing it appears to be working well. Thanks for putting in the leg work.

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The search functionality in the community doesn’t always surface what I’m looking for either, so I can totally understand that.

When I can’t find what I’m looking for, sometimes I find it easier to search the community from Google. You can prefix your Google search with site:community.sharptools.io to search just our community. Turns out @Ricky_Turner’s post is the first result in that case. :+1:

On a side note, sometimes we merge topics just to keep the content altogether, but sometimes there are cases like this where it’s helpful have topics with different names so it’s easier to find things within the community search. :wink: