Display Variable on Overlay

This may already exist and I’m just not able to articulate the right search words.

Here is the ask…

I am making great use of the Device Health API recently released.

I have a rule which runs every few hours, does a health check, if anything is found offline it sends me a notification with the devices and sets a variable to false.

The variable is used to display an alert on the dashboard if the devices are “healthy”

All this is pretty simple…

But, I was curious… Would it be possible to write the “offline” devices to a variable - and then on button click for the above icon, display the contents of the variable in an modal window?

I know you can alter the text of a tile - but given that you never know how many devices may be “offline” - I thought it would be safer to open a window with the list - or some other expanding feature on tile click.

As a work-around, in this very specific case, I suppose I could just do a Hyper-Link action and open the Health Check API again. I’ll just need to figure a way to stylize the output for “public” consumption.

You could create another dashboard that has a large tile displaying the variable with the full list of devices, then link to that dashboard from your main warning tile.

The formatting in a variable tile would be a bit limited. For someone with a bit of developer skills (HTML + JS), you could use a Custom Tile to query the API endpoint you mentioned and get full control over the formatting as you see fit.

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I am doing something close to what you are asking I think.

I have mine set to check offline devices on demand (tile press):

The large tile is simply a display of the variable I populate with the offline devices.

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