Display Date/time for Motion sensor

Does anyone know if it is possible to display the date and time that my motion sensor was last triggered? Thanks

Hi @Brian_Hood , welcome to the community. You can create a Text variable, and a rule to assign the $context.event.timestamp value to the Text variable when Then motion/device is active. Then add this Text variable to your dashboard. See screenshots below for a quick rule example:

The $context.event.timestamp context variable will have to be manually input and be wrapped in double mustache brackets. ex {{ }}. Please note that the timestamp will be displayed in UTC time.

The Text variable can be created by following these instructions:

Thank you James, that worked! Is there a way to for me to convert this to CST, and then a different date time format?


@Brian_Hood , timestamp context variable conversion and formatting is not currently supported but feel free to post a Feature Request with the detailed use cases so others who are interested can vote as well. :grinning: