Display current TV volume


I’m creating a TV remote dashboard for a Samsung QE58Q60TAUXXC TV. I would like a tile to display the current volume. It seems I can’t simply create a Things tile for the Samsung TV with Volume as the attribute. Do I rather need to create rules that sends the current volume to a volume variable every time the volume updates or when the TV is switched on? I’m using SmartThings with an Aeotec Smart Home Hub.


Does the TV ‘Thing’ report a volume level? I would check both in the SmartThings mobile app and when trying to use the Hero Attribute Tile Layout in SharpTools.

No, it always says 0 %. So I guess there is no way to get the volume level back from the TV… :frowning_face:

If I remember correctly, you’re part of the Next Generation SmartThings Beta, right? Have you tried adding the device using that connection to see if there’s any difference?

Since I just recently got started with SharpTools I removed all previous connections and only use connections via the beta.

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